Marketing Lesson in Aesop’s Tale


Advertise, advertise, advertise… Whether it’s a new listing, recent event, or lead cultivation, there’s always something more to say and other eyes to see it for real estate professionals. In the digital communication age, instant conversations are a powerful tool. Yet perhaps the most powerful tool is the one real estate agents have been using all along; direct mail, the “tortoise”, so to speak, in comparison to the immediacy of digital communication, the “hare”. But as in Aesop’s tale, a bit slower and steady can definitely win in the game of advertising.

Postcards and most other pieces of direct mail are short, sweet, and effective. Leads aren’t inundated with pages of information, nor do they have chats and games a mere click away. All these factors lead people to actually read direct mail, while many skim or may not even open unrequested emails. From a personal standpoint, consider your own email and direct mail habits. How many pieces of direct mail do you throw away without opening? How many pieces of email? Statistically, 90% of direct mailings are opened and read.

You can increase those odds even more by sending powerful and useful pieces. Sending a postcard is perceived as requiring more effort than an email. That extra effort translates into a more personal experience for the reader. For home sellers, you can display your expertise in the community by announcing local events and attractions or providing market updates for their neighborhood. You know where they live, why not capitalize on that? You can also talk about great ideas for home staging (all in separate mailings, of course). Each of these topics creates a relevant and personal connection to the seller.

Home buyers are perhaps even more in need of information than home sellers. They need to know what to look for in a home, what warning signs may be, and steps on how to start or continue the home buying process. Just Listed postcards demonstrate your knowledge and ability to market and sell a home in their neighborhood. Direct mail is an opportunity to alleviate some of the confusion while demonstrating yourself to be a valuable and reliable resource.

Despite the initial cost of sending direct mail, studies consistently show that direct mail is far more cost effective than any other marketing channel when reaching out to the customer. 62% of consumers actually enjoy getting mail telling them about new opportunities, and 77% enjoy receiving a special offer in the mail. The return on investment is, on average, 30 times higher for direct mail than email.

All great reasons to be consistently using direct mail!

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