LinkedIn for Real Estate


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Although LinkedIn is a professional site people use to find job opportunities and showcase their professional talents, it can also be a powerful tool for companies looking for leads and new clients.

Despite the fact that it is not number one in social media population, LinkedIn users represent a sizable portion of educated, employed adults. It has over 43 million members and representation from every single one of the Fortune 500 Companies. Though most of these members do not use LinkedIn daily, each month, the site receives more than 10.5 million unique visitors from the US alone.

For real estate professionals, your personal LinkedIn page is a powerful tool. More than maybe any other industry, your reputation is tied to you personally rather than the company for whom you work. Accordingly, before deciding to work with an agent, leads often search online for information on you personally. Take a moment and Google your name and area. More than likely, LinkedIn is the very first link that pops up. Your page should be professional and attractive to clients as well as employers.

How do you accomplish this? Start with testimonials. You probably already showcase them on your website, but use them on LinkedIn as well. You can ask clients for endorsements and recommendations to get even more.

From there, incorporate the professional content you’re already posting. If you have a blog, use one of the LinkedIn apps to connect to it. Provide links to presentations and news stories you create or are a part of. This content will give leads a reason to stay on your profile and provide you with keywords that make it easier for leads to find you. The more avenues people have for accessing your profile rather than a competitors, the more of an online advantage you have.

The content you write about you and your business should be short and sweet. Leads are likely to scan through your information rather than reading it in depth, so the sentences should be written to be easily understood and remembered even without too much thought. If you have awards, list them, and give a brief explanation of how you earned them.

Your history is important. Not only does it demonstrate your qualifications, it also creates more opportunity to make personal connections. Something as simple as being an alum of the same college as a lead can make you seem more relatable and approachable. If you have work experience with a company the lead has a positive opinion of, his opinion of you is likely to be more positive as well.

Don’t forget the photo! It humanizes you, turning you from some distant real estate machine to a person who will care about the lead’s property. Use a photo that is similar to the headshot on your website and other locations to increase the interconnectivity of your online presence.


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