Help Your Clients Gain Flower Power


Location, location, location, is certainly number one on most buyers list of priorities, but coming a close second is curb appeal. You want your seller’s home so awesome that cars are literally stopping as they drive by to see how such an amazing home is for sale. Of course, it’s not financially sound to suggest a full remodel, but some tastefully arranged flowers — either in the ground or in pots —  can make a huge difference.

Yet as almost every real estate agent knows, clients need more guidance to create more than a monotone row of daisies. Colors, textures, and styles need to combine to create a fantastic feel. So what directions can you give that are simple to follow yet effective in curb appeal?

Types of Flowers

Ask the typical person for some types of flowers, and you’re likely to hear roses, daisies, tulips, and maybe one or two more. Very few of your clients will factor in the fact that different flowers bloom during different seasons, and even fewer will think about how easy or difficult it will be to grow each flower type in your area’s soil. Rather than creating a new recommendation with every client, consider making a series of lists that you can pass on to clients depending on the season. Telling your clients what flowers to ask for is a great first step.


Color Wheel

Remember that color wheel we played with in art class? It may be time to break that out again. Even if your client is going with one type of flower, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. The simplest suggestion may be to  pick a color that matches the home’s exterior and go with that same color in different hues. However, a more striking suggestion may be to choose a contrasting color. The color wheel makes it easy to pair the exterior color with the opposite shade, making the flowers stand out.

Crisp and Clean

The final touch to the flower bed is a crisp, clean look. A great way to get this is by adding layers of mulch which will not only look professional, but will also help the flowers grow more strongly. For those clients willing to go above and beyond, you may even want to suggest lining the flower bed with polished stones or at least running a garden spade along rims to create an edging.



Empty walls and vacant spaces in the lawn can draw the eye, but not normally in a positive way. If there are wide expanses in view of the street, your clients may need a push toward using bushes and shrubs. Planting these requires extra work, so not all clients will be willing, but it’s a good option to have if you find yourself with an industrious client. Keep the option to reseed or use new grass in your back pocket as well. Some lawns just need a little extra work to avoid the bare, lifeless look.


What’s wonderful about these changes is that they can be prepped ahead of time so inspiring your client with Flower Power takes very little additional effort. Once you have the flower suggestions and color decisions written, you can have a flyer or email ready to be sent at the drop of a hat. You can personalize with a word or two, but for the most part, you are set with the tools to quickly and easily get your client’s home in a more sell-ready state.

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