Photo Fabulousness or Flub?


Real estate is an inherently visual business. Your clients want to see every square inch of a home they are considering buying and sellers want their homes to look better than brand new. There are so many opportunities to share photos online, buyers are taking for granted they should be able to see a home before they visit it. In fact, buyers are 74% more likely to express interest in a home if they can browse online photos. A great image can generate an inquiry leading to a sale. A bad image can signal a buyer should move on. So how do you get your client’s images in the “great” category?

Brighten them up

Specifically, add in natural light before the picture is taken. It’s a similar technique as what you would likely use during an open house. Open windows, turn on lights, and trim tree branches that block the view. The more natural looking the like, the more appealing. In rooms that need artificial light during the day, make sure you have fluorescent bulbs with white light to better simulate the natural look. However, lighting a picture has one advantage to lighting a home: you can add flash! Consider investing in a separate flash and pointing it at the ceiling as you snap the photo. The light will reflect back down, making it look like the picture is shot in direct sunlight.

Show your large side

In real estate, larger rooms look more appealing. This is especially room in central rooms like the living room. Because you, as the photographer, get to decide how potential buyers will be viewing the home, take the time to find the room’s best angle. This can mean shooting from all four corners, from the doorway to another room, and even from stairs. If you can find the angle that makes the room look larger, buyers will more easily be able to envision all their furniture fitting comfortably inside. One tip; shoot with a stretch of carpet in front of you rather than with a piece of furniture. It adds an extra dimension of distance.

Spend time editing

Even for the novice photographer, there are enough programs available online that you can edit and modify pictures easily. You can use the editing to highlight and explain great parts of the home. Use captions or quotes right on the picture. For large areas like yards, you can combine several pictures into one larger one, so the buyer gets the comprehensive view of the large space.

Use the Help Available

There are some shots you’re just not going to get. One of them is a bird’s eye view of the home. This can be a great shot to show the size of a pool or other outdoor amenity that will draw more buyers in or the expanse of nature on the home’s yard and surrounding areas. Before you give up on that picture, find your client’s home on Google Earth or other satellite imaging program. Often, you can zoom in on one particular house, getting that birds eye view that was previously impossible.

More generally, be sure not to neglect the professional feel. This can mean hiring a professional photographer or investing in a high quality camera. As you bring more buyers in, the investment will pay for itself.

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