Make Your Marketing Stick!


When you run a real estate business, it’s hard to be objective about marketing. Everyone promises exposure. Everyone offers to boost your client list. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and try a tactic that’s guaranteed to keep your name in front of people primed to buy or sell homes.


Marketing 101. You’re an expert at matching people with residential and commercial property, but it’s hard to recall a marketing strategy that raised your profile in direct proportion to your investment. Memorize this:  most people belong to the “What’s in it for me?” club. They’ve grown accustomed to coupons, discounts and clever marketing campaigns that offer value-added rewards and benefits. That’s why you owe it to yourself to use the following phrase each time you tap your marketing budget: What’s in it for your customer?

Why value-added marketing materials work. Check your ‘fridge. What’s there? Photos? Wedding invite? Magnets? Bet there’s at least one calendar–maybe a recipe you’re eager to try or the sports schedule of your favorite team.  These are great examples of marketing collateral with sticking power. Grab your share of ‘fridge’ real estate, too.  Sometimes called “hang around” collateral, marketing pieces offering added value outperform self-serving brochures and flyers. These items cost you pennies, but they’re loaded with perceived value, particularly since 50 % of qualified leads may not be ready to purchase. When they are ready, your promotional piece will lead them in the right direction.

How leave-behind materials work. A recipe card, calendar or sports schedule is sure to pique the interest of anyone eager to keep their lives organized and serves many purposes.  These materials are informational, functional and practical. While taking up a little bit of room, this type of marketing material is emblazoned with contact information with each personalized item having staying power written all over it. Keep this in mind: statistics prove that companies proficient in nurturing lead generation wind up with 50% more sales at 33% lower cost.


Consider what you have to gain. Newspaper ads? So yesterday. Broadcast? Kiss your annual marketing budget goodbye. E-mail lead generation gets you closer and if you pile on the message delivery systems, you’ll really build your client base. For example, marketing experts recommend combining marketing strategies and materials that include a recipe card, calendar or schedule as part of a multi-channel marketing effort with the potential to surpass single and dual-channel campaigns by 300%! So what does this mean in realtor talk? Use e-mail, promotional efforts and collateral like recipe cards and calendars to coordinate your outreach efforts and you’ll win big when your office identifies top lead generators.


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