Winter Savings Tips for Homeowners

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Winter often brings extremely low temperatures, but electric bills usually tip in the opposite direction. For homes that don’t employ any energy saving practices, electric bills can rise significantly. Don’t get stuck paying more than you have to this winter. Follow these easy winter savings tips so you can keep warm and save money this winter season.
Prevent Your Fireplace from Losing Heat
While there’s no arguing that a fireplace will warm a room right up, it could be losing a lot of essential heat to the chimney. If your fireplace is capable of taking in air from the outside, install an air tight door to prevent heat loss. Older fireplaces that draw air in from the room should be equipped with ventilation.

Use Only Quilted Curtains
40% of energy in your home can be lost due to infiltration of air. This means that the pesky drafts your windows and doors are letting in are only making your electric bill skyrocket. You can circumvent the problem significantly by using quilted curtains over your window. These curtains will provide more insulation, and you’ll also find your home feeling a bit warmer than usual.

Install Storm Windows Over Your Existing Ones
Installing storm windows to lower heating costs isn’t a new concept, but it definitely works. While storm windows alone can cut down on heating costs with their low-emissivity coatings, installing them over your existing windows is where the big savings will come in. You can even install storm windows yourself by measuring the size of your windows and ordering the hardware.

Invest in an Infrared Thermometer
The thought of walking around your home while holding a device in the air might seem silly, but it can help you save money in the long run. Omega recommends an infrared thermometer for situations like these, when gaining an accurate reading of the temperatures in various areas of your home isn’t possible. You can use the thermometer’s sensors to find cold spots in your home, and then act accordingly. Cold spots often indicate problems such as poor insulation and air leaks.

Have an Energy Audit Completed on Your Home
The EPA suggests having an occasional energy audit completed on your home in order to improve your energy efficiency and maximize savings. An energy audit reveals to you exactly where the problem areas lie in your home so that you can correct them and begin using less energy. Contact an agent in your area to schedule an audit for your home.

Invest in Insulation for Your Attic
Lastly, if your attic doesn’t already have it, you should immediately add insulation. Your local building organization should be able to provide information about the type of insulation you should be using, as well as how much. You can get an idea about where your insulation stands by entering your attic and looking around. If you don’t see much, you have the option of adding more. In turn, this will create even more savings on your electric bill.


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